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We are a swimwear manufacturing company founded in Athens, Greece almost 30 years ago. From the beginning of its journey in fashion, our brand SOLANO Swimwear has offered our customers high-quality swimwear for all body types and sizes. Our mission is to dress every woman with the swimsuit that makes her feel beautiful and confident!
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In the last 30 years, SOLANO Swimwear has shaped the Greek swimwear industry and has influenced the customers' tastes and needs, as much as they have shaped the brand itself. We are really proud of the bond we have created with our customers over the years!
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Our collection is created in the best possible way in order to cover our consumers’ different needs. Unique modern styles, elegant one-piece swimsuits and classic proposals that constitute our collection, are available in a variety of cup sizes. Understanding the particular needs of the modern consumer, our company offers the possibility of a personalized product combination from the same, with the "Mix & Match" technique. All fabrics we use are manufactured with advanced technology to ensure the highest quality for our swimwear, which we provide at the most competitive prices.

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