History - Solano


The early 90s find us in the lagoon of Messolonghi for an iconic photo shoot of the 3rd SOLANO collection. Pastel colors, elegance and shapes inspired by the recent 80s European fashion.


Most loved in 1991 by the Greek market the SOLANO one-piece, designed for the Mediterranean female body, and made by Greek women, in Cyprus street.


Transnational gold was, and still is, part of every SOLANO collection. The aim, to dare every woman to shine, to feel great under the warm sun!


In 1993 we start to use fabrics beyond lycra, shiny or embossed. The Greek market loves them, and they become part of every collection we have, to this day.


In the mid-90s, one-piece swimsuits rule, and we add subtle macramé elements and braids in all-time-classic colours.


Strict lines and high-waisted designs, for all sizes and cup sizes characterize the SOLANO '95 collection. Greek women now know that in our collection they will find the design that will perfectly fit their body and make them feel great.


1996 and a photo shoot in the Cyclades, with particularly glamorous designs that foreshadow that the moderate conservatism and minimalism of the beginning of the decade will give way to new, bold statements.


Printed swimwear, printed shirt & shorts, printed sandals, worn with elegance and confidence! The '97 collection gives both monochromatic minimal options and bold, printed options that Greece, Cyprus and Lebanon will eventually love.


In the tone set by the previous collection, as we approach the end of the decade, we combine special colours with printed patterns in squared lines. Our collection includes cup sizes B to F, and sizes up to 5XL.


We are approaching the Millennium with the SOLANO '99 collection launching intense warm colours such as yellow and fuchsia. Always giving monochrome minimal options, it presents vibrant prints that will set the tone for the 00s.

During the next decade, bold prints and fluo colours dominated our collections. By adapting our designs to your needs, we made all our codes mix & match, so that every woman can find the perfect top without being limited by bottom size, and vice versa. In addition, we increased our size range from Small to 6XL, and added designs in Cup G. We are very happy that our 35th collection can be found, besides Greece, in stores all over Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Lebanon, Cyprus, Lebanon, and other European countries!

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